Cryogene Kabel

+++ PCI Precision Connector +++
New Products for 0,047 inch Cables

Our partner PCI Precision Connector located Franklin USA has introduced a new line of precision connectors for the cable group 0,047 inch Semi-Rigid.

The precision connectors are designed exclusively for small quantities of 50 pieces. The lead time will be 10 weeks.

Ask our professional sales team for the actual lead times, assembly instruction and for cable assemblies. The elspec team can service you with high quality cables, precision connectors and excellent cable assemblies included testreports for S11/S21.

3637-OL: 2,92mm Jack for 0,047 Semi-Rigid Cable
3636-OL: 2,92mm Plug for 0,047 Semi-Rigid Cable
3634-OL: 1,85mm Plug for 0,047 Semi Rigid Cable
3635-OL: 1,85mm Jack for 0,047 Semi Rigid Cable
3633-OL: 1,0 mm Jack for 0,047 Semi Rigid Cable
3632-OL: 1,0 mm Jack for 0,047 Semi Rigid Cable

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